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Solar Chargers

Solar chargers of XD Design

Our solar chargers will never let you run out of power! Nowadays it’s hard to find people without a tablet or smartphone. Everybody uses their phone or tablet from texting and making calls to email, web browsing, music, navigation and games. Our phones and tablets just make our life a lot easier. And if the battery dies when we are not near a power source, we start to panic. Imagine when you don’t have a power source while traveling or hiking during a holiday. Have no fear! With our useful XD Design solar chargers you can easily charge your phone, tablet, camera and MP3/MP4 Players on the spot. 

We all had those moments missing an important email or soccer score because of an empty battery. These moments are over now with XD Design solar chargers! 

What are the advantages?

The advantage of the XD Design solar chargers is that you charge your mobile devices without having a power socket. You can simply capture energy from the sun and store the power for later. In addition to capturing sun energy all our XD Design solar chargers come with a USB cable which can also charge up the battery. This cable is also necessary when the built in battery is completely empty. Because the solar chargers needs real power to wake up the battery again. 

These solar chargers can easily charge up your gear while travelling or sitting behind your desk. Besides not having an empty battery anymore, you’re charging it with environmental friendly energy. The solar charger will be full after collecting 14-22 hours of sunlight. For the best results we suggest to expose the solar chargers to direct sunlight. Behind a window is possible but please keep in mind that you will have to cope with a longer charging time. 

Our solar chargers are distinguished by high quality and unique design created by the in-house designers of XD Design. Our solar chargers come with A grade solar cells which are very durable. Did you know that recently two of our solar chargers have won a design award The Suntree a Good Design award and the Port Red Dot Design Award. 

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